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Like any heating and cooling system, a mini split heat pump system needs routine maintenance. Maintenance such as regular filter cleanings and periodic replacement of condenser coils are critical to ensure the air circulation necessary for the system to function. 

An improperly maintained system can operate far less efficiently, causing you to lose one of the major benefits of your ductless mini split – a 30% more efficient system compared to ducted air conditioning.  By contrast, properly maintaining your mini split heat pump system will ensure optimal operation and also expand the life of your system, protecting your investment. 

Our routine maintenance service will help keep your mini split heat pump system in peak condition. We include: 

  • Cleaning and/or changing filters 
  • Checking and changing condenser coils, if necessary 
  • Checking for any condensation or mildew and identifying the cause of same
  • Full system cleaning

We can also service your system if it is not functioning properly.  We offer: 

  • Fast, reliable service
  • Professional, certified service technicians
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


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A ductless mini split heat pump system represents a substantial investment in your home and should be cared for properly. Routine maintenance has the potential to add years to the service life of your system and save on repairs in the future.  We strongly recommend regular preventative maintenance of your ductless mini split heat pump system. 

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